William Chambers XVI

An alcoholic shopkeeper; explosives expert.


William Chambers grew up in a small coastal town for most of his life; running the family shop, taking care of his family with him being the oldest son, admiring the Marines/Navy and even falling in love. All was grand in his life until his father became deathly ill from something within the forest outside of his town. Even though his family owned a shop, they were extremely poor and William did what any sensible man would. He took a loan from the government to help pay for the medicine for his old father. Slowly, he started paying the loan off as his father got better but the shop was destroyed by some drunk marines. The same exact people that he looked up to…had destroyed his family’s way of life. Not being able to pay off the loan, the marines locked him in jail for five years of his life. In that time, he missed both his parents die from old age as well as the marriage of his two younger brothers. As his release drew near, a large pirate ship attacked the coastal town of Brightbrook. The ship was the biggest vessel Will had ever seen. It was midnight blue with white and gold accents, it looked as if the king of the sea had created it himself. Killing and pillaging freely, the pirates stormed the shores of Brightbrook with no mercy. Upon reaching the prison that held William, the prisoners were either welcomed as part of the crew…or welcomed into slavery of the ship.. Will being one of the enslaved.

He was now a slave of the “The Sea’s Scream” and when they reached the ship’s hideaway on a small island, he discovered the youngest of his brothers had miraculously survived. His other brother and sisters…weren’t so lucky. They stuck together for months, barely getting by as they witnessed “The Sea’s Scream” attack more towns, marines, and other pirates. The slaves were forced to partake in the killing and pillaging….some were cut up and fired at towns through cannons before the ship had reached the shores to pillage. During a battle with marine ships, William saw his chance and he took it. Rigging small explosives upon “The Sea’s Scream” to incapacitate it’s weapons and sails, he freed the slaves of the ship. His brother and he grabbed a small dingy and prepared to flee the battle, just as he turned around to see the marines boarding the ship…he saw something that would change his life. They were killing the slaves. Quickly, Will pushed his brother off the ship and into the dingy to save him as he battled the marines and pirates to buy his brother time to escape. After climbing aboard the marine ship to try and steal one of their dinghies, Will heard several cannons fire from the ship and saw only his brother’s lifeless corpse floating int he ocean clinging to the remains of his dingy. Enraged, Will rigged more explosives aboard the marine ship just as it was fired upon by another pirate ship that had come to the aide of “The Sea’s Scream”…..it was “The Night’s Vengance”; a ship black as night, as ruthless as “The Sea’s Scream” and it’s only ally. Will barely survived the bombardment of the lone marine ship by jumping into the ocean to his brother’s body. Having to take his brother’s small raft, he pushed him away with tears in his eyes for his own survival. To his knowledge, he alone survived the massacre and he alone saw the two pirate ships sail off into the sea to continue their spree of evil.

For days he drifted in the ocean, barely surviving until a small merchant ship picked him up and nursed him back to health. This particular ship sold alcohol…and William needed to drown out what he had lived through. The ship brought him to Mergonia a few years later as he learned more about explosives and selling on the sea. Having the confidence to start his own shop and sell not only explosives but much more equipment as well as alcohol, he lived on Mergonia for a year (during that time he developed his grenade/bomb launcher with axe attachment) before being abducted by The First Pharaoh’s mummies and brought deep into the pyramid with many other Mergonians. It was there he was rescued by the crew of the Royal Fortune and he was asked to join their crew, making it a five man ship under command of a great ex-marine pirate. He is currently sailing the seas with the “Royal Fortune’s” crew in hopes of bringing down not only the corrupt Marines/Navy but also “The Sea’s Scream” and “The Night’s Vengeance”.

William Chambers XVI

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