Armor is equipment worn to protect the wearer from harm. Sets of armor have several stats.

Types of Armors
There are three categories of armors; light, medium, or heavy. Each category has different modifiers associated with it.

A character can take a category of armor as a skill, adding their bonus for that skill to their defense rolls as long as they are wearing that category of armor.

Light Armor

  • No penalty

Medium Armor

  • Movement reduced by 30%
  • 30% spell failure chance
  • -3 to all physical non-combat skills

Heavy armor

  • Movement reduced by 50%
  • 50% spell failure chance
  • -5 to all physical non-combat skills

Armor Sets
Light armors
Fur 1DR
Hide 2DR
Leather 3DR
Studded 4DR
Elven 5DR
Glass 6DR

Medium armors
Chain 2DR
Scale 4DR
Iron 6DR
Heavy Imperial 8DR
Bonemold 10DR
Nordic 12DR
Dragonscale 14DR

Heavy armors
Steel 3DR
Dwarven 6DR
Steel Plate 9DR
Orcish 12DR
Ebony 15DR
Dragonplate 18DR
Daedric 21DR

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