Character Creation

Step 1: Create a Backstory
Do it. Or else.

Step 2: Name Your Character
See step one.

Step 3: Generating Attributes
Separate 45 points into three stats: Attack, Defense, and Hit Points. Optional: Mana

Attack is used for attacking enemies using physical weapons, projectiles, or even magic spells.
Defense is used to protect your character against incoming attacks.
Hit Points track your character’s total health. When you’re hit points drop below 0, you fall unconscious and are dying. When your hit points drop to negative your total hit point score, you are dead.
Mana (optional) is used to cast spells. Each point placed in this stat equals 2 mana points. You must spend mana points equal to the level of the spell you are casting to successfully cast a spell.

Step 4: Choosing Skills
Skills are representative of what your character is good at. At character creation, you must choose three skills. Skills can range from weapon proficiencies to skills ripped from the Pathfinder character sheet. Your chosen skills start at a +3 bonus.

(Optional) If your character is going to use magic, they’ll need some spells to cast. At character creation, any number of skills can be replaced with spell slots. In this case, the +3 bonus can be split up any way so long as each spell has at least a +1. Spells will be covered in more detail in the spells chapter.

(Optional) If you want to add more story and roleplay opportunities to your character while making them even more powerful, then give your character a flaw. Adding something that a character is bad at or gives them trouble at character creation allows you to add a fourth skill at a +3. Ask your GM if flaws are right for your character.

Character Creation

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