Spells and Magic

the Mana stat
Mana is the raw magical energy used to cast spells. As one of the four main stats, a character can allot some of their 45 points to it during character creation, and later upgrade using xp. Each point placed into the mana stat adds 2 points to the character’s mana pool.

Gaining mana
When spending xp on your mana stat, remember that it is only half of your total mana pool. For example, a character with a mana stat of 20 has a mana pool of 40. This means, to increase your Mana Stat to 21, you need only spend 10 xp, not 20, detailed in the Character Advancement page.

Learning a spell
Spells are normally taken from the Pathfinder roleplaying game spell lists. To learn a spell, a character must have a total mana stat equal to or greater than the spell level times 10 (or a mana pool of at least 5 in the case of 0 level spells).

Putting a spell onto your character sheet
Spells are learned and acquired in the same manner as skills. A new spell can be purchased with xp detailed on the Character Advancement page. Level 0 spells can be added and upgraded for half price, rounded down. At character creation, you can replace any of your starting skills with six level 0 spells at +1, a level 1 spell at +3, two level 1 spells at +1 and +2, or three level 1 spells at +1 each.

Casting a spell
To cast a spell, simply spend mana from your mana pool equal to the level of the spell you are trying to cast, then spend the required casting time and spell components detailed in the spell requirements to successfully cast the spell. Make any concentration checks if necessary.

Spells and Magic

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