Spells and Magic

the Mana stat
Mana is the raw magical energy used to cast spells. As one of the four main stats, a character can allot some of their 45 points to it during character creation, and later upgrade it using xp.

Gaining mana
You can spend xp on your mana stat just as you do with the other three stats. Increasing stats is explained further on the Character Advancement page.

Learning Spells
Learning a spell
Spells are normally taken from the Pathfinder roleplaying game spell lists. The calculation to determine the highest level spells one can cast is your character’s mana stat minus 15, then divided by 5 rounded down (or a mana stat of at least 5 in the case of 0 level spells). For example, a character with a mana stat of 25 would be able to cast up to 2nd level spells (25-15=10, then 10/5=2).

Putting a spell onto your character sheet
Spells are added to the character’s spell list and take up spell slots. Each spell takes up spell slots equal to the spells level. A character has as many spell slots as they have points In the mana stat. As long as these rules are adhered to, a character can have spells of any combination of levels on their spell list. To add a new spell to a character’s spell list, they must have the appropriate amount of spell slots available for the spell they wish to learn. Once this requirement is met, a character must spent xp equal to double the spells level (1xp for 0 level spells). If a character wants to add fireball, a 3rd level spell, to their spell list, they must first make sure they have a mana stat of at least 30, and three spell slots open. Then they must spend 6 xp to add Fireball to their spell list.

Casting Spells
The Mana Pool
The mana pool is a pool of points that refreshes after every extended rest (6-8 hours), and is used to cast spells from your spell list. usually, a character’s mana pool is equal to their mana stat (some magic abilities can change this).

Casting a spell
To cast a spell, simply spend mana from your mana pool equal to the level of the spell you are trying to cast, then spend the required casting time and spell components detailed in the spell requirements to successfully cast the spell. Make any concentration checks if necessary.

Leveling Spells
Most spells become more powerful as a character advances. for instance, Magic Missile gains more darts depending on your caster level. To translate this from Pathfinder to the Improv System, the caster must be able to cast spells of the required level. Once that requirement is met, they simply spend extra mana from their mana pool and cast the spell. In our Magic Missile example, a caster must have a mana stat of at least 30. He can then spend one mana to produce a single arcane dart, or spend three mana to cast a total of two darts.

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Spells and Magic

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