Character Advancement

As your character progresses throughout their adventure, they gain experience and develop their skills and abilities. Experience is a means to grow your character, making them gain power as they adventure.

Gaining Experience Points
At the end of each session, the GM awards Experience Points (XP) to each player. There are multiple ways to earn XP during play, and each is ultimately up to the GM to award.

  • Each player gets 3 just for being there
  • Rolling a natural 20 or a natural 1 on a skill check using a skill your character possesses
  • Good roleplay during the session (extra can be awarded for exceptional roleplay)
  • Your character’s accomplishments during the session
  • Acting as a team player
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Bringing supplies / food or supplying the venue
  • Tba

Spending XP
Accumulated XP is used to upgrade your character’s skills and stats, making them more powerful as they progress. Below is a list of how your XP can be spent.

current stat / cost
0-10 / 1xp
11-20 / 5xp
21-30 / 10xp
31-40 / 15xp
41-50 / 20xp

For existing skills, the cost is the new bonus x 2
For adding a new skill at a +1, the cost is 10xp

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Character Advancement

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